Fee Schedule

Comprehensive Plan Amendment
  • Application Review/Comprehensive Plan Revision (Text/Map): $1,040

  • Traffic Study Review: $390

  • Zone Change: $750

  • PUD Zone Change: $975

  • Concept Plan (required for Zone Change and may be required for Preliminary Subdivision): $525 + $15/AC

Development Plans
Office, Commercial, or Industrial
  • Preliminary Plan: $775 + $22/AC

  • Final Plan: $465 + $16/AC

Residential (Single Family, Duplex, Attached, Multiple Family)
  • Preliminary Plan: $775 + $8/Unit

  • Final Plan: $465 + $5/Unit

  • Preliminary Plat: $525 + $18/lot

  • Final Plat: $325 + $15/lot

  • Minor Plat: $195 (includes recording fee)

  • Minor Amendments to Plats and Plans: $385

  • Major Amendments to Plats and Plans: Major amendments shall follow the same process as for preliminary plats or plans

Conditional Use Permit & Other Approvals - Board of Adjustment
  • Conditional Use Permit: $150

  • Home Occupation - Conditional Use Permit: $150

  • Variance: $150

  • Administrative Review: $150

Special Studies
  • Traffic Study Review: $390

Grading & Construction Plans
  • Engineering Review & Inspection (see Note 7): one-half percent (0.5%) of estimated construction cost ($500 minimum)

  • Grading/BMP Plan Only Review and Inspection: $500

  • Revision to Construction Plans: $500

Cellular/Microwave Telecommunications Tower
  • Cellular/Microwave Telecommunications Towers (also includes Building & Electrical Permit): $2,500

  • Co-location of Cellular Telecommunications Device or Tower: $250

  • Zoning Ordinance: $20

  • Subdivision & Development Regulations: $20

  • Comprehensive Plan: $35 per volume

  • Land Use Map: No charge

  • Misc. Copying: $0.10 per page (8.5x11); others as posted

  • Duplication of meeting tapes: $15 per tape

  • Appeals to the Executive Committee (Requested by applicant, not staff): $75

  • Special (Called) Meeting (Requested by applicant, not staff): 2 x filing fee + $300 + publication costs

  1. All zone change applications require a concept plan

  2. Cost for advertising public hearings (i.e. zone changes, special (called) meetings) is the responsibility of the applicant.

  3. Major amendments will be classified as either preliminary or final plats; or preliminary or final plans.

  4. There is a 1.0 acre minimum charge for all applicants; applications that contain a portion or fraction of an acre will be rounded up or down (0.5=rounded down; 51-00=rounded up) to the nearest whole acre.

  5. Plans involving cluster residential developments will be charged based on the actual cluster area to be disturbed (i.e. drainage facilities, road construction), no the preserved acreage

  6. Al in-house reviews (i.e. minor plats, construction plans, final plats/plans), excluding those to be reviewed by the full Planning Commission, require a 20 working day review period.

  7. Estimated Construction Cost to be calculated by design engineer perplan quantities of specified infrastructure items with cost based on current KYTC average unit prices. Fee must be received prior to issuance of a grading permit.