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   Frequently Asked Questions                                     

How do I rezone my property?

Rezoning requests must be reviewed by the Planning Commission and also either Fiscal Court or City Council based on the adopted Comprehensive Plan and its potential impacts on the area.  Applications may be approved if they comply with the Comprehensive Plan or if the applicant proves/Planning Commission finds the existing zoning is inappropriate and the proposed zoning request is appropriate, and/or there have been major changes of an economic, physical or social nature within the area which were not anticipated at the time the Comprehensive Plan was adopted.  (Please contact the Planning Commission office for complete details.)  A Concept Plan showing how the property is to be used is required for all rezoning requests.

How can I check the zoning of a piece of property?

The Planning Commission office is responsible for issuing zoning information and maintaining the zoning map.  To verify the zoning of a property, you will need to provide the precise property address and cross street information or closest intersecting road.

How do I subdivide my property?

Subdivisions are classified into two categories:  Major and Minor.  Minor subdivisions of property may be approved administratively by the Planning Office.  A minor subdivision is any creation of two tracts of land, plus the parent tract, or a transfer and consolidation of property.  Only one minor subdivision is permitted for a parent tract.  Any additional divisions require full Planning Commission review and approval, in accordance with major subdivision requirements.Before submitting a minor subdivision plat to the Planning Office, the following is necessary:

  1. Health Department approval and signature
  2. Owner signature
  3. Six (6) copies of the plat

Major subdivisions of property include the division of three (3) or more lots, requiring the extension of roads, or on property that has a previously approved minor plat.  Major subdivisions require review and approval by the Planning Commission.  All applications for major subdivisions must be submitted by the filing deadline and include an application, appropriate fee, and seventeen (17) copies of the plat.

Where do I obtain deed restrictions for my subdivision?

The Planning Office does not routinely keep deed restrictions on file for subdivisions.  In most cases deed restrictions are recorded with the County Clerk's Office (863-7875) and noted on the recorded plat.

How do I open a business in my house?

This is referred to as a Home Occupation and is regulated by the Board of Adjustments.  Home occupations are limited to professional office or personal service type uses, maintained or conducted within a dwelling or accessory building.  Home occupations must be incidental to the principal residential use and not to exceed 25% of the floor area up to a maximum 300' square feet.  Home occupations may have an unlighted sign up to 5 square feet identifying the use.  In addition, home occupations cannot generate noise, odor, light, truck or other heavy traffic.

What is the minimum lot size in Scott County?

In all agriculturally-zoned property within Scott County or any property without sanitary sewer, the minimum lot size is 5.0 acres.

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